Global Security Improvement Programme

Cloudveil was the appointed consultancy for the Global Security Improvement Programme for the worlds leading integrated steel and mining company.

Working with a variety of stakeholders towards improving the maturity of the Global Security Function. Following a review of the Global Security Function in partnership with one of the world's foremost consulting firms. Assessment, integration and effective stakeholder engagement were the foundations for Cloudveil to produce a tangible suite of security and risk management products which significantly drove forward the following key strategic objectives:     

Improvement security performance through relevant KPI programme 

Drive synergies and efficiencies in security costs 

Definition an effective de-centralised security organisational structure

Help reduce risk in order to generate platforms for expansion

Protect people and talent whilst at work, home or during travel

Secure assets and property whilst safeguarding reputation and brand image

Define and introduce competencies relevant to a Learning and Development programme  

Supply Chain Resilience

Production. Transport. Storage.

Understanding the nature of loss is essential to the development of effective loss prevention measures. All losses should be recorded (time, location), measured (value) reported and classified with the information effectively stored in a database. Analysis of this information in each case is essential to reduce vulnerabilities for supply chains through accurate prediction and effective risk treatment planning.

Cloudveil uses IRIS software to collect data, map stakeholders and promote effective communication and collaboration between top management and all tiers of the supply chain.

“The software of choice for professionals using technology in the supply chain remains Excel (46%)"

(BCI supply chain resilience report 2018)

Maintaining control and having increased visibility throughout the supply chain will greatly reduce the resultant risks posed by physical and non-physical threats to the supply chain. Optimised business continuity planning in this manner may offset costs through better insurance deals  

Security in Schools and Colleges

"Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy."

Cloudveil has carefully examined the Department of Education guidance for schools and colleges (published November 2019) and having worked closely with schools, bursars and headteachers have developed a Security in Schools and Colleges programme.

We have also conducted pilots with several schools and universities, both in the US and UK, to ensure we could make a positive contribution to security in schools and colleges.

As cultural and social centres rather than commercial bodies, schools and colleges attract a variety of unique potential threats. Cloudveil’s programme is designed to be an inexpensive, flexible consultancy product, aimed at helping schools and colleges develop their own security and business continuity programmes.

Cloudveil’s programme has minimal impact on your operation but significantly improves your resilience. Our focus is centred on preventative measures to enhance the safety of pupils, staff and visitors. The security of property and assets will afford reassurance to stakeholders and governing bodies. 

The Programme


Develop policies and procedures

Risk Assessment – to include a report / risk treatment plan 

Emergency measures and lockdown procedure

School security audit – current situation and ongoing as part of an audit programme

Physical and technical security measures - installation and management 


As a result of assessment Cloudveil will host a staff training workshop that may include the following;

  • Awareness

  • Communication 

  • Emergency lockdown

  • First aid

  • Reporting

Cloudveil host and manage our own management information system, IRIS. IRIS operates as an online portal to ensure your security programme is managed and communication is in line with real time reporting. 

Intrusion Testing 

Only idiots build walls ?

The threats faced by prominent businesses are diverse and potentially catastrophic. Loss of IP, share value, reputation, disruption to business operations or damage to infrastructure can result from direct protest action, terrorism, corporate or government sponsored espionage, fraud and opportunist crime. 


Cloudveil’s approach to intrusion testing is designed to accurately reflect a potential real-life scenario in the form of a training exercise.  Whether or not the intrusion attempts are successful is of less consequence than deriving a learning outcome. Realistic intrusion testing can highlight areas of vulnerability previously undetected through standard risk assessment and subsequent audit.


To assess the vulnerability of a site or sites to premeditated intrusion-based attacks and establish the level of protection afforded by the organisation’s security measures. 

To provide information and learning outcomes essential to the development of improved security procedure supported by optimised learning material.


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